Sunday, August 25, 2013

Emma Purple Aromatics

© Trish McCaul

 Greetings everyone! I've been working like a beast for the last 18 months on a whole new line of products...Emma Purple Aromatics. This line features incense & perfume/cologne oils made from organic and wild-harvested plant extracts, with absolutely nothing synthetic. I named it after my half-Cherokee great-great grandmother, Emma Purple McCaul.
   The inspiration for this new line grew from my 8 years (and counting) of work and study as an herbalist. Organic & wild-harvested plants yield numerous medicinal benefits, providing healthy substances which positively effect the physical, mental and emotional realms of our lives. Synthetic fragrances are chemical cocktails that have a negative impact on health & well-being, and bear none of the aromatic complexity evident in plants. That is why I began this new adventure: to give folks safe, lovely aromatic options which delightfully evoke the aromatic nuances of the field and the forest. I've been making skin healing salves for 6 years. This foray into good aromatics is a salve for the spirit.

© Trish McCaul

  All of my perfumes are made with only organic & wild-harvested plants and plant extracts in a base of organic golden jojoba oil. The essential oils used are only CO2 & hydro-distilled. I do not use any that are extracted with harmful solvents (like hexane). They come to you in a 5 ml glass bottle, packaged in a lovely gift box filled with organic and wild-harvested aromatic plants. The aromatic plants may be burned as an incense on a charcoal incense tablet, for an extra sensory treat. Charcoals are available on the Emma Purple Aromatics website. There is also a sampler set available, if you want to try a little of all of them.

© Trish McCaul

  The incense I make is called kyphi incense, referring to a process of incense-making that was perfected in Egypt thousands of years ago. It involves infusing aromatic herbs, flowers, roots, resins, barks & berries in a base of honey & wine. It is then formed into bricks and cured for several weeks. To burn, simply break a pea-size amount from one of the bricks, and burn on a charcoal incense tablet. My incense contains only organic & wild-harvested plant material, with wine and local desert honeys. It comes to you in a gift box, enclosed with a satin ribbon.

Emma Purple Aromatics has a lovely website. Click here to visit it.

I've also set up a Facebook page for it. Please go give it some love.

And, as always, feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or observations you may have.

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